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Alternative Photographic Processes

What is an Alternative Photography Process ?

Today we refer to digital image capture and printing as ‘Traditional’ Photography when in the past this would refer to analogue film. As a result the processes of the past many of which are seeing something of a comeback are now known as ‘Alternative’.

For a number of years now at Wildgrass Studio we have been practising a few to these processes principally Salt and Albumen, Vandyke Brown and the more popular Cyanotypes.

We are now working with the original clear glass negative process known as ‘Wet Plate Collodion’ producing Glass and Tintype Ambrotype plates.

Alongside our own works we offer a portrait service for a truly unique photographic experience. Please enquire.

More details will be shared in our journals but for more info today visit Dave’s personal page at – davehunt.eu/alternativeprints