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Wet Plate Photography at Wildgrass Studio

What is all this 'Wet Plate Collodion' ?

The Wet Plate Collodion process dates back to the 1850’s, a time before domestic camera film, and even domestic electricity.

Largely ignored since more modern processes became popular in the 1900’s this process has in recent years enjoyed a strong resurgence in interest with those looking to break away from todays strive for technical perfection – its all about the image !

Working in plate sizes from Large Format 5″x4″ up to what is known as Ultra Large Format Full Plate, 10″x8″ and also 10″x12″

As the plate is exposed in the camera these clearly need something rather large most of which were made in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

We are currently offering a personal portrait session so please enquire.

We are also looking for subjects willing to participate in creating our fine art images so are keen to hear from models, actors and musicians etc, or just anyone interested in collaborating with us.



Glass Plate Ambrotypes
Samples of Framed Glass Plate Ambrotypes.

Samples of Dave’s Wet Plate Portrait work…  www.davehunt.eu/wetplateportraits

Glass Plate Ambrotype
Wet Plate portrait - artists Eric Timms
'Apparition' Framed Wet Plate